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Description and Rules

Objective: Shooters need to shoot regularly to maintain and improve their shooting ability.  Shooters also need to shoot under controlled stress situations to improve their shooting skills. The purpose of this league is to hone and improve your shooting skills in order to make your shots count and see how you stack-up against other shooters of your skill level.  Shooters will be grouped into categories based on their skill level. Shooters will fire 100 shot course of fire every other week for a total of five matches.

Date: Thursday, June 1, 2017

Time: 5:30pm to 8:00pm. The league will be fired in several relays, shooters may arrive and shoot anytime between 5:30pm and 7:20pm.  Five lanes will be reserved for this league, the other five lanes will be available for practice up until 8:00pm at the prevailing rates. 

Firearms and equipment: Centerfire pistols or revolvers with iron sights.  Firearms must be service type pistols or carry guns with a minimum of 3.5 lbs trigger weight.  No race guns, bullseye pistols, dot sights, or lasers. SSA staff will rule on any firearm that is outside the spirit of this competition and would give the shooter an unfair advantage.  Each shooter will need hearing protection and safety glasses (available for rent at the range).  Shooters will need 100 rounds of ammunition (brass only, available at the range).

Course of fire:  This is a timed event. All strings of fire will be timed.  Shooters will use a two handed grip. (There Shooters will start in the low ready position with guns approximately two inches off the bench and fingers off the trigger.

Target #1 – 45 feet, 20 shots in 5 minutes – Two Handed

Target #2 – 33 feet, 20 shots fired in five round strings, 20 seconds per string – Two Handed

Target #3 – 25 feet, 20 shots fired in five round strings, 15 seconds per string – Strong Hand

Target #4 – 25 feet, 10 shots fired in five round strings, 15 seconds per string – Weak hand

Target #5 – 25 feet, 20 shots fired in five round strings, 10 seconds per string – Two handed

General: After shooting three matches, shooters will be divided up and placed into categories based on skill level. SSA will provide awards for the winner of each category.  The average of the shooters top three scores will be used for awards.  Shooters who miss a match can shoot a make-up and shoot twice at the following match (if space is available).  SSA will provide four B-29 targets per shooter per match.

Cost:  $100 ($20.00 per match) for the five match series (due when you register). You may pre-register to reserve a spot (preferred) or register on the first night of the league.  You must shoot all 5 matches for awards.

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