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1. Skill Builder Sessions every Tuesday and Wednesday 5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.  Cost: $125.00 per session (33% savings) or $349.00 for 3 sessions. See More

4. NRA CCW BASIC December 4th, 2023 - SIGN UP.  This class is needed to be a NRA CCW Instructor

5. NRA Basics of Pistol Safety Classes - On-going CLICK HERE

6. Tactical Thursdays - Build your skills for:
concealed carry access, accuracy and speed , shoot on the move, learn the proper use of RDS.......

Online and In- person*

Convenient, Comprehensive, Complete

CT Pistol Permit Classes

for an all Inclusive price of
 - $165.00

* Online at Your Convenience (Study from your home or office.  Have the study material, videos, content, tests for life.

Practical In-person is required and by appointment after you finish

Instructor Led Classes require minimum  of 8 students - $150.00.  Get a group together and we will host a class on Mondays.

HURRY up, requirements for training are changing and soon the State will require and expanded curriculum.


7 Surprising Health Benefits of shooting.....

1. Boosts Physical Strength

Accurate shooting requires surprisingly high levels of physical strength.


2. Mental Gains

Shooting isn’t all about brawn though.


3. Meditational Elements

At first glance, shooting a gun might not seem meditative in nature....

Want a Challenge Training Session


(MOST Versatile Turning Target System controlled by your phone or tablet)

turning target system that trains you for handgun accuracy under stress
target turner with voice commands, works without internet
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