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How can I Participate in Safely shooting a firearm?

If you have a permit, just stop in and sign a waiver, present your State of Connecticut Pistol Permit (link to How do I get my State of Connecticut Pistol Permit), review our range safety rules and go in and shoot.  If you do not have a Permit, we can help you get a Permit, or you can book a time with and instructor for some safe shooting and fun.

If you have an out of state permit, are current or former LE, or current of former Military Officer, we will request you to demonstrate firearm proficiency and then you can rent a firearm from the range.  We do reserve the right to rent or not.


How do I get a State of Connecticut Pistol Permit?

The State of Connecticut requires a Pistol Safety training course of 8 hours to be completed under the tutelage of a Certified Instructor acceptable to the Department of Public Safety’s Special Licensing and Firearms Unit.

We offer courses that are a blended format of online learning (where in you have reference access for the rest of your life) and in-person practical with a Certified Instructor.  Upon completion of your in person practical you will be given a certificate that you will use to apply to your local Police Department.


What is the cost to shoot?

With your own firearm, it is $30 per hour or $20 per half hour for lane rental.  You can have one guest only at a time in the lane.  Guest fee is $16.00.


We have various Learn to Shoot programs (, you can sign up for any of them and learn to shoot and decide if you want to take the Basic Pistol Safety course to get your Permit.

Do you have rental firarms?

Yes, we do.  We have a wide array of pistols to rent and try. The best way to choose a pistol is by grip size and barrel length.  There are pistols good for range, home defense and carry.  Get to know the differences by trying them for one fixed price per hour.

I shoot regularly, is there a way to save on Range rental costs?

Yes, become a Member.  Our Basic Membership is $350.00, Premium Membership is $850 and Premium Plus Membership is $1,500.00.  Learn more at:


Can I bring guests who do not have Permits?

Yes, they can shoot under your guidance.  You take responsibility for your guests and their safety


I have a guest from out of state, can I bring them?

Yes, some rules apply if they want to shoot in their on lane.


I do not have a State of Connecticut Pistol Permit, can I shoot?

Yes, you can shoot with a friend or family member who has a Permit, OR to rent our firearms you need to show proficiency, military ID or LEO ID.  Additionally, if you have LE or military ID and have handgun proficiency you can rent our handguns and rifles.


I just started shooting how can I improve my skills?

Sign up on line so you are notified of our Skill Builder classes that are offered regularly


Do you have defensive pistol and tactics courses?

Yes, we recommend, before you carry a concealed handgun, you get the training for carrying a concealed handgun.  We offer all levels of training to learn and become proficient with an EDC (every day carry) firearm.


Do you have competition training?

Yes! Some of our customers are top shooters because they compete and take continous training to improve.

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