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Tuesday T I P S

Training for Intensive Pistol Shooting


The sessions are FOR SPEED AND ACCURACY IMPROVEMENTS FOR THE INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED SHOOTER.   CCW OR Draw from Holster training preferred but not necessary.

Certified/qualified Participants can choose any session, BUT must demonstrate competency for Sessions 2 – 4 PRIOR TO SIGN-UP.

Cost per Session:

$75.00 - 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

 Each Session will focus on:

1. Fundamentals

2. Accuracy

3. Speed

4. Mobility and Multiple Targets



* EDC pistol or revolver

            380 to 45 ACP, no magnum ammo

* a quality holster

            IWB or OWB Kydex recommended

* quality gunbelt

            a good duty belt or good quality leather belt

* minimum of 3 (6 mags is BEST) magazines or speed loaders (Speed loaders for mag reloading preferred)

* two magazine pouch

            HSG taco style or similar recommended

* concealment garment 'open' and 'closed'

            vest, jacket, long shirt, sweatshirt and/or t-shirt

* comfortable shoes, (NO flipflops or open toe sandals)

* range hat or baseball cap

* hearing and eye protection

            noise cancelling electronic recommended

400 rounds of FMJ (range) ammunition

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