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1 2 3s of Defensive Pistol

3 Session Tune Up

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So you have your pistol permit, do you want to learn the proper way of concealing, accessing, and putting shots on target, in the light, in low light and in dark.  Can you perform emergency drills in low light or no light?


If you are a beginner and need help with equipment selection and setup call or email us with the make and model of your handgun and we will recommend the proper equipment.

Session 1 - $145.00 – 2.5 hours – (Basic handgun skills required)

 - Fundamentals of DFH (draw from holster) *

 - Selecting, using, dry training

 - Emergency Drills, Type 1 – 3 failures

 - Step off the 'X'

 - Developing speed

 - Programming neuro-muscular pathways 

Session 2 - $145.00 – 2.5 hours – Session 1 completion required *

 - What is Cover? What is Concealment?

 - Seeking Cover or Concealment

 - Shooting from Cover

 - Reload on the Move

 - Standing to Kneeling shooting

Session 3 - $145.00 – 2.5 Hours – Sessions 1* & 2 required

 - Low Light – No Light conditions

 - Physiological Effects

 - Psychological Effects

 - Low-light Pistol manipulation

 - Methods of Flashlights use

New to Defensive Shooting......

Call us for an Introductory or Certificated Course

Sign up for all 3 for $400.00

Limit –  8 shooters per session.


Each session is with instruction and tips / techniques for dry drills.

Defensive shooting training scenarios vary from session to session.

* - If you have completed Session 1 requirements elsewhere, you can join sessions 2 & 3, To join Session 3, you must do Session 2 with Shooting Sports Academy LLC

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