Fridays 5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m.


Limited to 10 Doubles

With so many new entrants into the wonderful world of shooting, save money by joining our league, we will teach you to shoot accurately in 4 weeks.  You can spend hundreds/thousands in ammo and not shoot well.  The right tips and techniques in the beginning will prevent bad habits......and bad shooting......


Every TUESDAY Session will have:

  • Free Targets

  • Free Range Time

  • Free Instruction

  • A Training and Education Component

  • Free GUN RENTALS (only for those waiting on Permit)

  • Different Targets each week (Challenge Targets and Shooting Drills)

  • A Briefing and Debriefing Session for each shooter to develop their Training Plan.


Week 1 – Fundamentals - Grip, Stance, Aiming, Holding, Breathing, FOLLOW-THROUGH

Week 2 – Engage Multiple Targets – Looking for HIT RATE

Week 3 – Fundamentals & Follow through – Different Distances

Week 4 – One Hand Shooting – Strong/Weak Hand

Learn To:

* “Visualize the shot”

* “Feel The Shot” / ”Call the Shot” (Focus on the Fundamentals)

* Select the right handgun

* Shoot Accurately (aim small / miss small)

* Develop a Dynamic Training Plan


COST:  $400.00/couple (for Four Weeks)