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Tactical Pistol


Gun Range Trauma Management




We all go the range to have fun.  But are we prepared for a trauma wound?  Do we know how to manage trauma in the field?  Are we adequately equipped, mentally and physically, to manage trauma?


Shooting Sports Academy LLC is proud to announce the first Tactical Pistol with Gun Range Trauma Management course.


Come train with us on:

May 13th, 2022

5 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Cost - $195.00


Joins us for a 4-hour intensive Tactical Pistol Training session to build your tactical pistol skills and learn how to deal with a trauma emergency.


  • Gunshot Trauma Drills:

✅ How to Conduct Safety briefings

✅ Protocols for effectively dealing with trauma emergencies

✅ Identifying and treating the onset of shock

✅ Use of a tourniquet

✅ Use of hemostatic agents

✅ Wound packing and dressing

✅ Use of chest seals


  • Tactical Pistol Drills:

✅ Build shooting skills

✅ Clearing drills – Emergency & Tactical

✅ Getting off the X

✅ Engage multiple targets 

✅ Use of cover 


  • Equipment Needed:

 ✅ Trauma Kit -IFAK (if you have one)

✅ 150 Rounds of ammo

✅ 2 magazines min. 3~4 recommended.
✅ Ballistic eye- protection (clear lensed only, no sunglasses unless ballistic ready)
✅ Active Hearing protection- Recommended

✅ Kydex Holster for pistol is Mandatory. Sturdy leather is fine

✅ Magazine holster
✅ Tactical Belt- Must be sturdy

✅ Hat or cap with “bill”
✅ Tactical shooting gloves (optional)

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