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MASTER TenXTrainer

MASTER TenXTrainer


LOOKING TO IMPROVE YOUR SCORE? Want to Overcome "Sustained Fire" jitters!......... 


MASTER TenXTrainer is designed to help you improve your reaction skills. You can now run a tactical line of 15 shooters with one controller. In addition, we have INTRODUCED a Random 180 degree Turning  feature (CLICK HERE). Set up the Target Turner System in a matter of minutes. Mount the system (on the tripod or custom mount), take it to the range and start the training in no time. Set times as low as 0.5 seconds for the target to face and face off (shot opportunity)


This version provides the features for all three disciplines with Voice Commands:


 - Tactical (180 degree turns);

 - Precision Pistol (Bullseye, Conventional);



Timing with a timer with NO DISAPPEARING TARGET, is good..... The TenXTrainer makes you better.


No more excuses for missed shots. Get your system today and start training. Start building that myelin sheath!




    This is a Target Turning System controlled by your Cell Phone or Tablet

    Manual is provided.  Unlimited amount of drills for Action Pistol shooters, Bullseye shooters and ISSF shooters.

    New shooters, please use for dry fire till you are accurate.  Or we can provide you bullet protection for an additional $125.00 plus shipping.

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